Linux: How can I tell if a password is set for a user account

A user account is a location on a network server used to store a computer username, password, and other information. A user account allows or does not allow a user to connect to a network, another computer, or other shares. Follow the below steps to see if a password is set for your user account.-

Run the below syntax

passwd --status username From man passwd

This will display the account status information. The status information consists of 7 fields.
– The first field is the user’s login name.
– The second field indicates if the user account has a locked password (L), has no password (NP), or has a usable password (P). – The third field gives the date of the last password change.
– The next four fields are the minimum age, maximum age, warning period, and inactivity period for the password.

Note: These ages are expressed in days.

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