How to Perform Self-serve Password Reset using the “link for users who have forgotten their password”.

This functionality is vital if you wish to have your password changed using the web browser.

Here are the steps below.
– Click on Forgot Password link

– Ignore the certificate warning and proceed to the webpage. This will display the Forgot Password Window as shown below.

– Enter your Domain User name as shown above and
– Click on Request Password Reset.
– Enter your Answers to the Security Questions displayed as shown below

Note: This step might be displayed one after the other or listed at once. Either case, just answer each question and click on save and this will display the next question.

– And Click on Save.
– The two Factor Provider Window is displayed, click on save as shown below.

– This will prompt and request the Authentication Application Token as shown below. Enter the Token displayed on from your Authentication App and click on submit.

– This will display a new window where your new password can be entered and changed. Enter the new password and click on change password. If successful, this will display the window below.

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