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How to Perform Self-serve Password Reset using the Windows Login Integration Client – Pleasant Password Reset Server

This feature is very vital when you have completely logged off your Windows PC and would like to reset it.

Here are the steps to have this completed.
– Install the Windows Login Integration Client
– After successfully installing this application, this functionality will be displayed close to your username on the logon screen “Password Reset”.

– Click on the Password Reset button as shown in the image above. This will prompt a web page as shown below.
– Simply disregard the certificate warning and click on continue to proceed.

– Here enter your Domain username and click on proceed to the Security Questions

– As shown below, give the answers to the Challenge Certificate setup by you during the enrolment process.

Note: At least two minimum correct answers are required.

– Simply click on save ONLY in this step below and proceed to the next step.

– Enter the digits from Microsoft Google Authenticator as shown below and click on save.

– This will display a new Password Change window as shown below.

Enter the new Password

– Click on Password Change. After a successful password change, the following screen below will be displayed.

Note: To have the Password changed, you must be in compliance with the Password Policy. Also bear in mind you cannot change your password twice within 24 hours. This is due to the configured GPO.

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