How to clone a Windows Server running on VirtualBox

Cloning a server takes an exact copy of an existing machine. A cloned server is, for most purposes, an exact copy of the source. When a server is cloned, the SID is retained. Server cloning is a useful tool, if your need is to setup up a server similar to what you already have, and wish to skip the hassle of configuring a new server from scratch. Cloning requires that your server is shut down. In order to stripe the server of the parent SID, SysPrep needs to be performed. SysPrep can be found in the path below. Sysprep generalizes Windows by removing the security identifiers and other computer-specific information without having the same identity as the previous server. Here is a guide on how to do it “How to Clone and Sysprep (generalize ) a Windows Server running on VMware Workstation“.


Below are the following ways to clone a server via the graphical user interface as shown below on VirtualBox.
– Note: This can as well be achieved via the keyboard key. Right-click on the server and
– Select Clone.

Enter the Server Name as shown below. All other parameters are ok by me.

Decide and select the type of clone you will like to perform as shown below. What a “Full Clone” and “Linked Clone” is explained here as well.

Next, the cloning process will continue as shown below. This process takes time to complete.

You may need to perform a SysPrep to rip of the SID of the image. For more on SysPrep, see the following guide how to perform Sysprep in Windows.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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