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How to import Users and Groups into Pleasant Password Manager

importing users

In this system, Pleasant Password Server, Roles are referred to as a User Group.

Here are the steps to integrate (import) your existing user group as roles to Pleasant Password Server.

Importing Active Directory User Group (Roles)

  • Click on Users & Roles
  • Click on Roles
importing groups
  • Now the roles windows open up
    Note: You can add a Role locally, but in our case, we are importing from Active Directory, In this way only imported user groups (roles) will have access to our folder (groups) of the password.
  • Click on Import Roles from Active Directory  Ldap Server as shown below

How to manage Pleasant Password Manager

Pleasant Password Manager
  • This will open up the Directory window
  • Click on Action (or select the drop-down menu)
  • And Then click on Import Users
user and group import
  • This would open up the import Group window as shown below.
  • Click on Get Group List
importing users

This will display the group in the Active Directory). Select the needed group and

importing groups

Importing Active Directory Users

Honestly, this step is necessary because we have already selected Auto Import Users when we integrated Active Directory with the Pleasant Password Server.

  • Regardless, users can be imported beforehand. (How to manage Pleasant Password Manager)

Users are automatically imported from AD when connecting or accessing the Password Server.

Note: Since the Distinguish name used points to the entire root domain, all users can access the GUI of the Password Server.

Here is a screenshot of users imported (present) in our server. These include a column for username, AD groups, and email address.

  • Also, on each user imported or present in our Pleasant Password server, you can perform certain operations as seen above.
    – Just select Actions associated with a user name and perform any operations desired or requested.
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