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How to install Cygwin packages from the command line using apt-cyg

One of the greatest challenges in utilizing Cygwin is by using the setup GUI program to view, install or uninstall packages. With the solution “apt-cyg”, it helps in installing and removing Cygwin packages.

Note: Before proceeding with these steps, test if you can run these commands on the fly, (to install and uninstall). If this does not work, then you can proceed with the following steps below.

To install “apt-cyg”, first install the subversion and wget packages using the setup program as shown below

$ wget
$ install apt-cyg /bin

You are now ready to use apt-cyg, which is actually a Bash shell script.

  • apt-cyg update
  • apt-cyg show
  • apt-cyg install krb5-workstation
  • apt-cyg remove

Here is an example below on how to install packages via apt-cyg

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Peter K
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