How to allow only admin users (administrators) to shut down and reboot Server 2012

This is necessary to ensure non-admin users are unable to shut down or restart the server. These steps are similar to the steps discussed on how to allow all user(s) to shut-down and reboot the Server 2012.

Launch the local group policy editor (gpedit.msc) and navigate through the following paths.

  • Computer Configuration
  • Windows Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Local Policies
  • User Rights Assignment
  • Shutdown the system

Double click on “shutdown the system” and remove all other groups except the administrators’ groups as shown below.

Since this setting is local to this PC, run the GPUpdate as shown below via the command prompt to ensure the policy applies immediately.

With this configuration, users that are part of the Administrators group will be able to shutdown or reboot the servers.

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