How to reset and reinstall Windows 10 locally

reset Windows 10

When your device is not functioning well as desired, you may want to reset your device to the normal state by resetting your device to factory settings. On how to reset and reinstall Windows 10 from the cloud and how to recover your Windows 10 when you cannot boot to Windows. See this guide for how to perform a Fresh Start installation on Windows 10.

Using the Reset the PC Option: The below listed steps ways to reset your device in Windows 10.

  • – Open the Windows settings with the key combination [Windows] + [i].
  • – Under the category “Update and security”
  • – Under “Recovery” on the left pane,
  • – Under “Reset this PC”
  • – Click on Get Started.
reinstall Windows 10

Follow through by clicking on next

 local Windows 10 reset

Click on reset and follow the prompts.

Windows 10 reinstall locally

When complete, your device will restart.

Using the “Advanced Setup”: where you have the option to reset locally or from the cloud.

reset Windows 10

Under Troubleshooting “
– Click on Reset your PC or see advanced options” as shown below.

reinstall Windows 10

Next, click on “Reset this PC”,

 local Windows 10 reset

FYI: Under the “Advanced Option”, here are some settings that can be performed.

Windows 10 reinstall locally

Next, click on “Remove everything”

reinstall Windows 10

This will reboot the system as shown below.

local Windows 10 reset

Choose the “Local reinstall” to reinstall Windows from this device as shown below.

Windows 10 reinstall locally

Click on “Clean the drive fully” as shown below.

reset Windows 10

This continue with the installation

This will prompt you to “Reset” your device by clicking on the reset button.

Thereafter, the device will reboot the device and reset your device.

After this step is complete, the device will continue with applying Windows Updates as shown below.

Next, select the right region, for me I will select Germany

Select the right Keyboard, I will select German and click on Yes

Skip the next stage adding for additional Keyboard layout.
– Next, accept the License Agreement.

Select “Setup for Personal settings” and click on next as shown below

Depending on your need, I will be creating an “Offline Account”
– Click on Offline Account.

Then select limited experience as shown above

Enter your password

Select the “security question for the account created” as shown below and
– Click on next

Accept the customisation etc., as shown below

When this finishes, Windows will apply settings. Please at this stage do not turn off your device.

Now, the setup is completes shown below. You can now start using your device.

Other methods reset Windows 10 is via the following below.
– Reset Windows 10 using the media creation tool
– Reinstall Windows 10 via ISO

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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1 year ago

Great article.
But reset option is not that much of a deal when I want to completely delete my data.
I tried this option and I still can retrieve my data using recovery software.
Is there a way so that I can completely delete all data with not being able to delete.

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