How to reset and reinstall Windows 10 from the cloud and how to recover your Windows 10 when you cannot boot to Windows

Part A: Windows 10 20H1 introduced a new feature called Windows 10 Cloud Reset. This new cloud recovery feature that enables administrators (users) to reset their devices from the cloud (Microsoft’s servers). Previously, Windows when Administrators or users initiates the device reset, Windows 10 will reinstall Windows using files available on the device. On how to reset Windows 10 locally. See this guide for how to perform a Fresh Start installation on Windows 10.

Employing the Cloud reset technology, Microsoft has made life easier for us, thereby eradicating the recovering of a corrupted installation of Windows 10 by downloading a fresh copy of Windows files directly from Microsoft server without the need for Windows media, etc. On how to install Windows server 2019 and How to install Windows Server 2016 Operating System.

Note: If you intend to resetting your PC locally, this option is also available and this will utilize your existing Windows files to set up a new version of Windows 10. Another option is also to download Windows 10, create a bootable USB stick and fire up your new Windows 10 from it.

Why employ this rigorous method when you can easily download a new version of Windows 10 from the cloud.

Note: This option will download and reinstall the same build, version, and edition, that is currently installed on your device.

In order to have Windows 10 reset from the cloud, please follow the following steps below.
– Open Settings

– Click on Update & Security as shown above
– Click on Recovery

On the recovery window, click on Get started

On the Choose an option page,
– Choose between Keep my files or
– Remove everything. I have decided to select to “Remove Everything”

The getting things ready window will be prompted as shown below. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to select from the Cloud download or Local reinstallation.

Note: On the next screen, Windows will present you with two options. To install from the Cloud Reinstall or Local Reinstall.
– The install from Cloud will ensure Windows reinstalls the same build, version, and edition by downloading the files from Microsoft’s servers.
– If you choose the second option, Windows will be reinstalled with the system image stored in your recovery partition.

I will proceed and select to install from the Cloud as shown below.
– Select Cloud download

Once you select an option, Window will prompt additional settings as shown below.
– Click on Change Settings and
– Set the clean data to Yes as shown below and then click on Next

Note: At this step, you may encounter issues due to disk space. If this is the case, please add more volume and resize your hard drive.

Windows will display a confirmation screen showing the options you selected and how it will be restored. When ready, click on the Reset button.

Windows 10 will now start to download the files from the Cloud that are needed to reset the PC. When done, the PC will automatically restart.

Once restarted, Windows 10 will automatically begin the Reset this PC process and reinstall Windows 10 on the device.

When done reinstalling, Windows will reboot and then prompt you to login. 

Part B: How to recover your PC when you cannot boot to Windows
What you can do if you can’t boot into Windows: If the device isn’t able to boot into Windows, you can start Reset this PC with the cloud download in the Windows RE. If Windows is unable to boot after two consecutive failed attempts, the device should boot into Windows RE automatically.
– Start Windows in Advanced Startup

select Troubleshoot, you will be able to Reset the PC while not in Windows.

Next, select reset this PC as shown below,

Select Keep my files or Remove everything as described above previously.
- If you have a wired internet connection, you can then select Cloud download. Connecting over wireless networking in Windows RE may be available depending on drivers loaded by the PC manufacturer.

The getting things ready window will be prompted as shown below. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to select what you desire as shown below.
– I will select to fully clean the drive

Now the Windows PC is prepared for reset and you are asked to click on Reset button as shown below to continue the process.

This new cloud download option will continue

If you would like to perform more advanced functions, click on Advanced option as shown below instead of "Reset this PC".


I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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