How to prevent a remote shutdown and restart in Windows 10

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most users remotely connect to their workstations at work in order to perform their duties and they can accidentally shutdown or restart their devices. Another scenario is having a shared device and you do not want users to be able to shutdown or restart, thereby leading to data loss.

To mitigate this, I will be configuring the Local Group Policy Editor to remove those buttons from the Start Menu in Windows computer. Fore similar settings, see

Below are the steps to remove the shutdown and restart button from the start menu via the local group policy. For how this is done in a domain-wide environment, see a similar method on how this is done via the Group Policy Management Tool in Active Directory.

– Launch the Local Group Policy as shown below

– Navigate to the Computer Configuration 
– Administrative Template
– Click on Start Menu and Taskbar

– Click on ok
And this will have the policy state changed to Enabled as shown below

Next, update the group policy object for it to take effect immediately in order to avoid the default time of 90 minutes.

Note: For similar steps to configure this policy via Group Policy Management Tool, see the referenced link above.

As we can see, the shutdown and restart button have been removed from the start menu as shown below.

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