Ping request could not find the host: Verify if the name is entered correctly

The ping command is a very common method for troubleshooting the accessibility of devices between two endpoints. This utility uses a series of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo messages to determine whether a remote host is active or inactive, the round-trip delay in communicating with the host, and packet loss. The ping command first sends an echo request packet to an address and then waits for a reply. Here are some related articles: Ping request could not find the host: Verify if the name is entered correctly, what is transit failed, general failure, request timed out and destination host unreachable, why can’t I ping the Public IP Address an EC2 instance?, and how to resolve request timed out when pinging and how to create a Firewall rule.

The above error was prompted in my laboratory and by clearing the DNS cache, I had the following issue corrected. 


You can use the following command to clear the local resolver cache to resolve the issue. First: I configured the IP parameters are correct by using the command ipfonfig /all


This command will display the current network information for your adapters including IP Address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask etc.


Note: Ensure the DNS record (FQDN) exits in DNS or in your host file. For the path to your host file if you are not using DNS as shown below. See the link and link2 for more similar errors


I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session

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