Windows Server

How to resolve request timed out when pinging and how to create a Firewall rule

Error was as a result of Windows firewall blocking the ICMP traffic.
– This was validated by turning of the firewall temporarily and it worked.

Solution: Created an ICMP rule with the following steps as shown below.

For how to create a firewall rule in windows server, see
– Launch the Windows Firewall and
– Click on New rule
– Under rule type, select custom and
– Click on Next

Under programs, select All programs as shown below
– Click on Next

Under Protocol and Ports
– Select ICMP and
– Click on Next as shown below

Since this is a test environment, I will apply the rule to all profile as shown below

Select Allow the connection and click on next

Finally, enter a rule name as shown below
– The description field is optional.
– Click on Finish

Now that we have finished creating our rules, lets ping our server again

As you can see, we were able to ping our server without having further firewall issues.

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