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You can not open this application because it is in the bin

This issue is very trivial and relatively very easy to resolve. Before diving into the resolution, the application folder is one of the default folders on Mac and it is where apps reside. It houses macOS native apps and also third-party apps that are downloaded onto the device. Also, it is worth noting that the “Application folder” makes navigation easier. Here are some related contents on mac Os, how to take a screenshot on a mac device, how to enable or disable automatic software updates on Mac, how to check if homebrew is installed on Mac OS, and how to stop apps from launching automatically upon startup on Mac.

This is actually not an error because you must have deleted the application from the "Application Folder" and the residue was left in the dock because it was previously opened as shown below. You have two options now, you can either remove it from the dock or have it restored from the bin.

And when you click on the "supposed" HP smart application to open it up, you will be prompted with the error "you can not open this application because it is in the bin. 

If your intention is to have the application deleted, you should right-click on the icon as shown below and select “Remove from Dock”.

To have it restored from the bin, open the bin and move the HP Smart icon from the bin to your “Applications” folder on the sidebar.

You will be required to enter your password to confirm this move (restoration). Now, you should be able to open (launch) the HP Smart henceforth as an application. If you wish to keep it in the dock, please right-click on it.

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