Windows Package Manager: How to install, upgrade and uninstall software with Chocolatey

Chocolatey is software management automation and works with over 20+ installer technologies for Windows. It can also manage things you would normally xcopy deploy (like runtime binaries and zip files). You can also work with registry settings or managing files and configurations, or any combination. Chocolatey builds on technologies that are familiar;
– PowerShell
– Unattended installations

Since we successfully installed Chocolatey Software Tool and showed how to install, upgrade and uninstall Chocolatey, see the following article for more detail.

– For how to install, upgrade and uninstall Chocolatey, see the following link.
– How to install, upgrade, and uninstall software with Chocolatey, see the following link.

How to install applications using Chocolatey? To install apps navigate to Chocolately’s app directory, the Community Package Repository Notification.

1: Lets install Firefox. To install applications using Chocolatey, use the following syntax followed by the application name. Ensure to use the “-y” switch in other to accept all prompts.

choco install applicationname -y

Note: You can install multiple applications using the following syntax below.

choco install vlc firefox -y

Note: You can install applications offline, see the following link for more details. in this method, we mean completely offline!
– You have to ensure you remove the default community package source (choco source list followed by choco source remove -n chocolatey).

– For similar technology developed by Microsoft, “Windows Package Manager (Winget)”, see the following link
– For how to install applications with Windows Package Manager, see the following link.

How to upgrading a Chocolatey package? You can uprade an application by using the syntax below. Just the code below.

choco upgrade firefox

How to uninstall an application with Chocolatey? You can remove packages from your device using Chocolatey. Chocolatey comes with an intuitive command to accomplish application uninstallation for you. Use the syntax below followed with the application name.

choco uninstall vlc -y

If you do not include the switch “-y”, you will be prompted to agree to the run the script (uninstallation).

Now, the switch “-y” is included, the application will uninstall without prompting you to accept the script to run.

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