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How to create a capture image on Windows Deployment Services

capture image

A capture Image is required for an environment where you are deploying similar Operating Systems that contain the same basic applications. The image is used to create a capture image. For the differences between Capture image, Discover image, Install and Boot images (Windows PE).

On how to add images to WDS and configure Multicast transmission via the GUI, see

Creating a capture image: Follow the steps below to have this done.
– Click on the boot image
– Right-click on the boot image on the right pane of the window and
– Select Create Capture Image as shown below.

Create a capture image on Windows Deployment Services

Note: In this Window, you can do a lot of stuff, as shown below. Furthermore, Here, we want to create a Captured Image

Windows Deployment Services

However, Enter the image’s name and description as well.
– For location and file name, click on browse and browse to the path where the “RemoteInstall” folder is when we installed WDS role.
For more information on this, see ” How to configure Windows Deployment Services on Windows Server 2019

Moreover, This will ensure we have the Capture Image folder created under the RemoteInstall Directory

In addition, The Metadata and location will be like this as shown below

– Click on Next

image creation

This will continue the installation process and when done

capture image

– Click on Finish (Now the Capture Image has been created)

create image

Now we have successfully created a capture image. Now we can see the captured file in the RemoteInstall location as shown below

image creation

Next, you will have to upload this image to WDS. This can be done by following the steps below.
– See how to add the Lite-Touch Images to WDS for a similar example.

Launch the WDS console and right-click on the Boot image

capture image

In the Add Image Wizard, browse to the image file as shown below

Click on Next to proceed when the image file has been selected.

In the Image Meta data window, click on Next
– You can add a descriptive name in your environment.

Review the summary as shown below and click on Next

When the image upload is completed, click on Finish as shown below.

As we can see on the WDS console, under the boot images, the Capture image we created has been uploaded successfully.

Nonetheless, I hope you found this blog post on how to create a capture image on Windows Deployment Services helpful. Consequently, Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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