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Enable HyperV on Windows: How to install Windows 11 on HyperV


On June 24, 2021, Microsoft released Windows 11 which is a major release of Microsoft’s Windows NT OS and this is now going to succeed Windows 10 which was released over 5years ago. Hyper-V is an application that is used for virtualization. You can use it to create and create a virtual machine of the physical machine. Each VM can run a separate operating system. In this guide, I will be showing you how to install windows 11 on Hyper-V virtual machines. For more guides on Windows OS, you can read these: How to Install Windows Admin Center on Windows 10 & 11, Windows 10 and Windows 11 updates will now expire for better performance, How to install and uninstall Docker Desktop on Windows 10 and Windows Server, How to upgrade Windows 10 with an unsupported CPU and TPM 1.0 to Windows 11​

First, you need to check this Microsoft page to download Windows 11 disk image (ISO).

Download link

After downloading the windows image file you need to enable Hyper-V on your system. Go to Windows features and Scroll down you will find Hyper-V in the features list, select Hyper-V Management Tools and Hyper-V Platform. Click ok.

Windows Features

After installing this feature you will need to restart the system. Then search for Hyper-V Manager and click on it.

Hyper-V Manager

After opening the Hyper-V Manager check under the Action menu and click on New and then Virtual Machine.


The new New virtual machine wizard will open. Specify the name and location.

Name and Location

Select Generation 1 and click next. Do you wish to learn more on How to set up a VM via PXE boot on a Generation 1 VM, and Generation 2 VM: How to set up a Hyper-V Virtual Machine through PXE boot, and how to delete Virtual Switches from Hyper-V

Specify Generation

The minimum memory you will assign to the VM must be at least 4GB or higher. Click next.

Assigning Memory

From the Configure Networking in the Connection Drop-down box select Default Switch that will provide network connectivity to the virtual machine and then click Next.

Configure Networking

You will need to select the Hard disk size that you wish to assign to your Windows 11 VM and click next.

Virtual Hard Disk

Now select the checkbox Install an operating system using a bootable image file and then click Browse to choose the ISO image file that you downloaded and click Next. In the next page click Finish.

Installation Options

Before you start the installation of the OS right-click the Hyper-V virtual machine and then click on Settings from the menu.

Virtual Machines Settings

Then click on the Security option from the left pane and then enable this options: Enable Secure Boot and Enable Trusted Platform Module and click ok.

Security TPM

Now right-click Hyper-V VM and then select start. You will also need to right-click on Windows 11 virtual machine and click Connect.

Starting VM

You start installing the Windows 11 OS

Windows Installation

I hope you found this blog post on How to install Windows 11 on HyperV VM Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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