Open the location of a Program: How to search in Windows 10 to find a file, folder, or program in File Explorer

Program location

SOMETIMES, you may need to search in your Windows Server or Windows 10 device in order to find files, folders, or programs. Windows provides various ways to search for the location of a file, folder, or program.

Since the title bar of a File Explorer window shows just the name of the folder by default and this does not fully reveal any information, we will be using some of the steps below to locate the location of a file, folder, or program.

1: Open the program path via Windows 10 Task-Manager:

This step is relatively straight forward.
– Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on your Windows Taskbar or use the keyboard-shortcut [CTRL+ Shift + Esc] to start the Windows 10 Task Manager.

Windows 10 search

– In the Task-Manager click More details and
– Select the Tab Processes.
– In the List view, select the program from which they need the file directory
– Next, right-click and select “Open file location” as shown below.

File Explorer

This will end up opening the program location as shown below as it is in my case. As you can see, the program is located in this path on my device "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0".

Find file folder program

2: Alternatively, we could also open a program file location using the Windows 10 search window as shown below.
- For this demonstration, I have said a PowerShell script named "saved1.ps1" under the Document. Now, let's assume we do not know the location of the file. we can also search for it in the following way.

Using the Windows search box as shown below,
– Enter in the Search Box for example the text word “saved1″ and
– Right-click on saved1, and open the File Location as shown below.

3: Via the program file location using File Explorer
This is the simplest step and if you do not have a lot of information on your device and a relatively slow process as the search can take a while as shown below. But If you know which drive or folder the file you’re looking for exists in, choose that location via the Quick Access menu on the left-hand side of the File Explorer window.

Note: I will assume I do not know the location. Therefore, I will select “This PC” as shown below in order to enable search over the entire PC.
– Enter the filename and click on search. Windows will process this request and display the file if found.

The file will be displayed if found as shown below

Next, you can right click on the selected file and select the file location as shown below.

This will open the file location as shown below

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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