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How to get a list of installed applications using PowerShell in Windows 10

PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language built on .NET. By using PowerShell, system administrators can automate tasks and processes using the command line. Powershell script will be very useful for listing the installed applications.

In this article, I will be demonstrating how to use Powershell script samples such as "Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product" to get installed products in Local and Remote Machine.

See this guide on how to check if Windows Updates were Installed on your Computer using was, program and features, DISM and wmic, etc, and how to find the AUMID of an installed UWP App.

Part A: List Installed Software using PowerShell on your PC: You can list the installed software programs using Powershell’s WMI Class Win32_Product.

Here, FT is nothing but the Format-Table cmdlet, you can change it into FL to display the result in list view. We will be using this command “Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_Product” to find installed programs.

Get-WMIObject -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Product" | FT

2: List Installed Software using Powershell on Remote Computer: You can list the installed software programs from Remote Machine by giving name of remote computer through argument syntax -ComputerName.

Get-WMIObject -ComputerName "your-pc" -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Product" | FL

3: Get List of Installed Programs using Powershell with Filter: You can use SQL Query like syntax in Win32_Product class. The following Powershell script, filter and list only Non-Microsoft softwares.

Get-WMIObject -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Product Where Not Vendor Like '%Microsoft%'" |FT

4: Use following powershell script, filter and list only Microsoft based softwares.

Get-WMIObject -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Product Where Vendor Like '%Microsoft%'" | FT

The following guides will be relevant as well. Kindly visit the following hyperlinks for more information. How to uninstall builtin apps using PowerShell in Windows 10, how to uninstall a program via Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows. Also see how to remove Windows 10 Apps with DISM: How to remove pre-provisioned apps from Windows Image and how to determine Apps UWP and remove pre-provisioned appx in Windows 10.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session. I welcome you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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