The synchronization service scheduler is suspended until the setup wizard is closed

Azure AD Connect sync synchronize changes occurring in your on-premises directory using a scheduler. There are two scheduler processes, one for password sync and another for object/attribute sync and maintenance tasks

The scheduler is responsible for two tasks:
– Synchronization cycle: The process to import, sync, and export changes.
– Maintenance tasks: Renew keys and certificates for Password reset and Device Registration Service (DRS). Purge old entries in the operations log.

This behaviour is because , synchronisation is currently on-going and you have opened Azure AD Connect to make changes as we can see below. This is because, the system thinks, new changes will be made.

Even when the AD Connect Status command is launched via PowerShell, it returns nothing

To resolve this issue, simply close the Azure AD Connect Tool and rerun the synchronization from the command-line interface or from the service as shown below.

Launch the AD Connect Synchronisation Service from the start menu

This will open the Synchronisation Service Manager Window and by default, this runs every 30 minutes.
– Now we r just forcing the synchronization and clicking on run

There are two types of Sync available in the AD Connect tool, Delta Sync and Full Sync, each one of these
types has its own scenarios and it’s will replicate the changes to Azure Active Directory.
– Delta synchronization is used to replicate the new changes made
– In the full synchronization, (Synchronization cycle): this will be used to import, sync, and export all changes.
Maintenance tasks: Renew keys and certificates for Password reset and Device Registration
Service (DRS) in addition to deleting the old log files.

To force Delta sync to be run Immediately via PowerShell, open the PowerShell with administrative privilege and run below command.

Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

For similar error, see this guide “AD Connect Error: The Synchronisation service scheduler is currently synchronisation and the configuration change cannot be made at this time“.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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