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How to stop Zoom App from launching automatically at startup on Mac


Zoom is a video telephony software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. Zoom offers a full-featured basic plan for free video chatting service that allows up to 100 participants concurrently, with a 40-minute time as of today. I know I have written articles around this topic but I wanted to cover this topic in a more precise way for users that are having Zoom startup issues. Learn how to stop Zoom App from launching automatically on MacOS.

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An APP file is an application bundle that runs under macOS. MacOS is an operating system (OS) developed by Apple and designed to run on Macintosh computers. It stores multiple directories, such as Contents, Resources, and Frameworks, which contain various files that make up the application. APP files are executable files similar to .EXE files in Windows and run when double-clicked.

Steps to Stop Zoom App From Launching on MacOS

Launch the system Preferences and click on Users and Groups as shown below

stop Zoom App from launching -system properties

This will open the Users&Groups Window as shown below. Click on the Login Items and select the Zoom application you wish to stop from launching automatically at start up (hide an application when you log in).
– You will have to select Zoom and then
– Click on the “-” as shown below

stop Zoom App from launching -remove Zoom from startup

Note: I also want to remove “Norton Secure VPN” as this can be annoying as well. I will follow the same process i used in hide Zoom from startup. As you can see below, I have hidden Zoom and Norton Secure VPn from automatically starting up.

stop Zoom App from launching -Hide Zoom

That is all that is needed to stop Zoom App from launching automatically starting up in Mac upon user login. Here are some related articles: How to configure the FrontFace Lockdown Tool, and how to disable or enable automatic login from the sign-in screen in Windows.

So, that’s how to stop Zoom App from launching automatically on Mac. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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