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Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth connection: How to connect and remove Beoplay E8 3rd Generation to Mac

Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish high-end consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones. Here is a brief comparison with their predecessors “The two in-ears have become a bit slimmer, and the charging case has also received a facelift because it looks a bit more elegant due to the rounder sides. Bang & Olufsen has also tweaked the battery life: the new E8 has around seven hours, the charging case (via USB-C or Qi charging mat) can charge the plug four more times. For comparison: the E8 2 Generation ran for about four hours, while the case only allowed three charges. The quick-charge function also deserves praise: While the manufacturer specifies 1.5 hours of playback time with a 20-minute charge, our test model only gave up after almost two hours and fifteen minutes at full volume”. Kindly refer to these related guides: How to remove a Bluetooth device and connect a new Bluetooth device to Macbook, How to fix Bluetooth not available on MacBook, and how to fix “you cannot open the Bluetooth preference pane because it is not available to you at this time“.

What remains of the predecessors, however, is the quality of the materials and their mix: the leather and aluminum are cleanly processed and look high-quality. You quickly notice that B&O wants to plug a well-designed piece of premium technology into our ears here.

Steps to connect your Beoplay E8 3rd Edition to MAC

Launch your Mac LaunchPad and access the System Preferences on your Mac
– Click on Bluetooth as shown below

Beoplay E8 3rd Generation

In the list of connected devices, please verify if Beoplay E8 3rd Gen is listed as an already paired device. If yes, just connect to it.
– As you can see, the device hasn’t been paired.


Beoplay E8 3rd Generation is powered on. To initiate pairing, touch and hold both earbuds simultaneously for 3-5 seconds, utilizing the seamless Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth connection. Let go once the right earbud is flashing blue (pairing mode).
– Shortly, the Beoplay E8 3rd Generation will appear as shown below.
– Click on Connect.


As you can see below, I have successfully connected the Beoplay E8 3rd Generation to my Mac device.

Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth

App connection

The free Bang & Olufsen app for iOS and Android has further configuration options. Below are the screenshots from my Bang&Olufsen iOS app. You can control playback here. The equalizer provides five presets from “Work-out” (less highs) to “Podcast” (less bass), which you can tweak and save on a matrix. You can also control the transparency mode, and this works with different intensities, with the music automatically pausing at the highest level. 

It is pleasing here that the settings are transferred to the handset; when you change the playback device, your desired EQ curve and transparency level are retained. The app also offers the “automatic standby” function, which switches off the headphones after 15 minutes without a signal.

Remove Beoplay E8 3rd Gen

Select the device and click the “X” button on your Macbook to delete Beoplay E8 3rd Generation connection. Kindly refer to this related guide: How to remove a Bluetooth device and connect a new Bluetooth device to Macbook.


When you decide to remove the device, a confirmation prompt will appear. Just click “Remove” to eliminate it from your device. This process is seamlessly managed through the Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth connection.- And that is all needed to remove your old Bluetooth device from your MacBook.


I trust you discovered value in this blog post. Feel free to inquire within the comments if you possess any queries regarding the Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth connection.

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