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Upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise and vice Versa


This article will walk you through the steps to upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise. The same steps can be used to upgrade Windows 11 Home to the Pro edition. When purchasing a new PC, Windows 11 Pro may come pre-installed. When compared to the home edition of Windows 11, the pro version has far more features. Microsoft is also providing a free upgrade to Windows 11 for devices that meet the hardware specifications. This article will show you how to Upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise and vice Versa. Please see How to enable Hyper-V on a VMware Workstation, and how to fix MSSQL Server evaluation period has expired: How to upgrade SQL Server instance.

For PCs that do not meet the hardware requirements, see how to upgrade Windows 10 with an unsupported CPU and TPM 1.0 to Windows 11. This does not imply that everyone will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. Yes, Windows 11 is a fantastic OS with loads of new security and other features, but if you’re willing to upgrade, learn how to block upgrade to Windows 11 through Local Group Policy or Registry Editor from Windows 10. If you want to install Windows on VirtualBox in case your PC doesn’t meet the requirements or you need to run some critical business applications on Windows 11, learn how o Install Windows 11 in Oracle VirtualBox with no TPM Support.

Device Eligibility

When your laptop or desktop PC is eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade, you should get it through Windows Update on your Windows 11 PC. If you don’t see the Windows 11 upgrade for your PC, make sure you check the Windows 11 upgrade hardware requirements using the latest version of the PC Health Check app from Microsoft

Windows Update

You can upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Windows 11 Enterprise for free by using a product key from Windows 10 Enterprise. This is very similar to how we upgraded the Windows 10 edition.

If you do not already have a product key for Windows 11 Enterprise, you can purchase one from the Microsoft website or the Microsoft Store.

What is the distinction between Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise Edition?

Windows 11 Pro is designed for advanced computing professionals such as data scientists, media editors, and graphic designers. In addition to the Pro features, Windows 11 Enterprise includes features tailored to IT Companies.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes Windows 11 Enterprise, which includes productivity and collaboration apps, device management, and security services. This Windows edition necessitates the purchase of a volume-licensing agreement. In terms of security, Windows 11 Enterprise provides more features than Windows 11 Pro. As a result, many organizations prefer Windows 11 Enterprise edition.

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How to Upgrade from Windows 11 Pro to Windows 11 Enterprise Edition

Let’s take a look at how to upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise. Log in to your Windows 11 computer and navigate to Start > Settings.

Windows 11 Setting Options

On the left panel, select the System tab. Then, on the right, select the “Activation” option. The System > Activation window displays the installed version of Windows 11 as well as the activation status.

Windows 11 Activation Window

The screenshot below shows the version to be Windows 11 Pro and the activation status to be Active.

Windows 11 Pro Activation Status

Change the Windows product key

We will upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise by selecting the Change product key option. Change the Product Key by clicking the Change button next to it.

Enter a Product Key

To run the Windows Activation tool, you may need administrator privileges. The “Enter a product key” dialog box will then appear. Enter your Windows 11 Enterprise product key here and then click Next.

Activate Windows

“Windows is activated – This copy of Windows has been activated.” This confirms the successful upgrade from Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise. Close the Windows Activation dialogue box. When Windows activation fails, it typically fails with an error code. In most cases, check the solutions for error codes or verify if the product key is correct. Windows 11 has been changed from Pro to Enterprise.

Windows 11 Pro Upgraded to Enterprise Edition

To apply all of the Windows 11 Enterprise changes, restart your computer. Log in to your Windows 11 PC and check the version, edition, and OS build number.

Right-click the Start button and select Run. To find out what version of Windows 11 you have, use the command winver.

Windows 11 Enterprise Edition

The About Windows dialog box displays the Windows 11 version, OS build number, and Windows 11 Enterprise edition. The version and OS build number will remain the same after upgrading Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise.

To downgrade it to Windows 11 Pro Edition, simply follow the same process by changing the product key of Windows 11 Enterprise Edition to the product key of the Windows 11 Pro Edition.

I hope you found this article on Upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise and vice Versa helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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