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How to upgrade ManagerEngine Password Manager Pro

Note: To setup a new ManageEngine, use this link and download the setup:

Upgrading Password Manager from Build number is 8402 and version (8.1.2) to 9100 (9101)

First make provision for restoring the previous setup (rollback) should incase something goes wrong.

  • Prerequisites and upgrade procedure

    Stop the PMP service and exit the tray icon.
    . Make sure the MySQL/PostgreSQL process is not running in the task manager.
    • Right-click on command prompt and run as administrator.
    • Navigate to <PMP-Home>/bin folder from CMD ————>i.e. C:ManageEnginePMPbin
    • Execute the command UpdateManager.bat
    (this will prompt a window and you have to put the PPM file downloaded in any of the directories)
    • Select and apply the .ppm file(upgrade pack)
    • Once it is applied successfully.
    • Start the PMP service to ensure everything is working fine.
    • You can follow the same steps to reach to the latest version.
    Note: Ensure to stop the services of PWM and also ensure the MySqld and Postgres aren’t running

    Note: It is also recommended to test after each upgrade, to ensure the builds are actually applied.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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