Important Areas to Master on WSUS

Installed and not applicable -> means updates that are applicable

1. That particular patch is for Windows Server 2012 – are all of your systems that report into your

WSUS Windows Server 2012?  If not, then that patch will show up as installed/not applicable

because the patch doesn’t apply to those systems.

Explanation. if you have four servers reporting to WSUS which are 2 windows 2012 and 2 windows 2008 servers

– MS.Netframeork Update for server 2012 — will show up as 50 installed /not applicable Each of those servers (meaning 50% of the total computers reporting to WSUS need this)

– This also applies to 2008 server. The percentage of windows 2008 servers needing this (reporting to wsus will show up)


Install 1/4 WSUS meaning  à Groups configured for install (The (1/4) means you have approved it for one of your four targets groups.)

In the WSUS Admin Console, we find that under the column “Approval”, some

of the updates have a value like “Install (1/3)


The parenthetical numbers are documenting how many groups are configured for

Install (All computer groups/Unassigned group/ Test Server Group) etc.


–> In the first case, one of three groups has the update approved for


–> In the second case, the update is approved for all computers and is

inherited to all groups.

This can be seen from the update status which shows the computer installed and not applicable by clicking on the link


Installed / Not applicable 100
Meaning this updates is not applicable to any client whatsoever.

Script to delete or decline updates from wsus




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