Targeting WSUS Client to Communicate with the WSUS Server using Registry Keys

WSUS uses port 8530 for HTTP and port 8531 for HTTPS to provide clients work station (servers with Updates)


In this step, I will be using the registry key as this can also be used to point the server to the Upstream server
create a registry key and save anywhere on your PC, double click to run the reg file created and reboot your PC.

Here is how the registry settings would look like, you can modify this by specifying the IP address. In the previous example, i used the local group policy.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



After saving the file with the .reg extension and running it, this entries will be created in the registry

Note: You can also use the local group policy along side additional optionsa.

In order to be reported and have WSUS server approve updates on the server, run the follow commands below. These commands below force our servers to contact WSUS server.

They both can also be run at the same time as shown below

Navigate to the WSUS server and refresh the computer group, this server should appear.

Note: to view report: you have to download and install Microsoft Report Viewer

With this installed reports can be generated as shown below