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How to export passwords from KeePass Database to Pleasant Password Server

export KeePass passwords

Since we have a compatible (existing password system which Pleasant Password Server Supports), migrating or importing Passwords from KeePass Database is relatively easy.

Password Exports

Here are the supported formats available for exports.

  • CSV,
  • KDB,
  • KDBX,
  •  XML,
  • customizable HTML,
  • Transform using XSL, or as Windows Favourites (bookmarks)

Nonetheless, Here we made use of the KDBX file format. In order to realize the goal of this project, I exported each Group (Folder) individually and not from the root.

Kindly follow the steps below to exports the passwords from KeePass.

  • Right-click on the Group (Folder)
  • Click on export
  • Select KeePass KDBX (2.x) as shown below and select the part where you want the password to be uploaded to.
Pleasant Password Server

Password Import into Pleasant Password Server

Furthermore, Now that you have successfully imported, we will have to import them and THIS CANNOT be done via the graphical user interface. However, BUT via KeePass for Pleasant Server for Desktop PC.

This can be downloaded from this link:

Moreover, After installation, launch the Pleasant Password Server for Desktop PC as shown below and enter the

  • Username and password
  • Server URL
  • Create your Root Group
  • Click on file
  • Select Import and specify the file path to be imported.
  • Then click on Ok.
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