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Remote Server Administration Tools: To install RSAT on Windows Server

Remote Server Administration

RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) is a Windows Server component for remote management of other computers also running that operating system. RSAT allows administrators to run snap-ins and tools on a remote computer to manage features, roles, and role services. I will consider this necessary only when you decide to set up this Server (Windows Server 2016) as a jump host in order to manage your Domain Controller(s) in your environments. As discussed in this article, you can install RSAT on Windows 10 in the following ways. For other articles I have written on GPO, see the following link. See this guide if you ever wanted to know what group policies are enabled or analyze GPO computers.

In order to install RSAT on Windows Server 2012 and 2016 by following the following steps below. 
- Open the Server Manager. (This should open up by default). 

And if this does not open up, follow the steps below to launch the Server Manager.
– Simply hit the “Windows + R” keys on your keyboard,
– This will open the run dialog box,
– Type “servermanager” in the “Open” field and
– Press “Enter” or click the OK as shown below.

RSAT installation

This will open up the Server Manager Console

Alternatively, you can enter the "server manager" in the search button in Windows Server 2012 or on the search menu on Windows Server 2016, type "server Manager" and this will open up the Server Manager Console
Windows Server RSAT

This will open up the Server Manager Console as shown below.

Server management tools

In order to install RSAT on Windows Server 2012 and 2016, follow the following steps.
– Click on Manage and
– Click on Add Roles and Features

Remote Server Administration

Furthermore, Click on Next and Select the Role-Based or Feature-Based Installation

On the next page, select the server you will like to install the feature unto. Since we have just one server at this time and we would like to use this server as a Jump Host, we will select the only server under the server pool and click on Next. Since we are not interested in installing a Role, but the RSAT feature, we will click on Next

Note: You can decide to install the "Feature Administration Tools if you wish to manage other aspects of Microsoft Server technologies remotely (from your Personal computer). 

Click on Next and click through other windows and
– Finally, click on Install. When the installation completes without errors, then you will be able to administer your Domain Controllers remotely and the RSAT tools can be found under the Tools menu in “Server Manager”.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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