How to prevent installation of removable devices


Most at times by default, when a USB device is connected to the computer, Windows automatically detects the device, it installs all needed driver automatically. This implies a USB can be readily used thereby leading to a security breach. Because of this, I will be blocking access to USB, thereby preventing security leakage of confidential data and also the possible attacks of viruses into the network. Below are the steps to disable the installation of removable devices.

Disable Installation of Removable Devices in Local Group Policy Editor

Type run in the Windows Search box as shown below
- Click on the Run App
- In the Run dialog window, type in "gpedit.msc" as shown below and
- Click on ok

This will launch the group policy editor. The next step will be to configure the the policy to prevent the installation of removable media.

- Click on the User Configuration,
- Click Administrative Template to expand the menu.
- Click on System, and
- Expand on Device Installation
- Double click on Prevent Installation of removable devices and Enable it.

How to prevent installation of removable devices

In this same way, the policy can be disabled back.
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