Program startup: How to launch an application automatically during startup on Windows

program startup

When you are fond of opening the same application over and over again whenever you start your device, it makes sense to have this application startup automatically when Windows starts up. Good management of Windows 10 startup programs is important for several reasons. The main reason for adding applications, services, or scripts to the startup folder is obvious: If you use programs or processes that you need or want to run automatically when you log on, you can save a lot of time by adding them to your startup folder. I See this guide on how to “Enable or disable startup programs: How to view or change programs that run on startup”.

The following steps below are how to ensure application launches automatically upon startup by adding the application shortcut to the startup folder.Kindly refer to these similar guides: Enable or disable startup programs: How to view or change programs that run on startup, how to stop Cisco Webex Meetings from starting up automatically on macOS, how to stop Zoom App from launching automatically at startup on Mac, how to enable or disable automatic login on macOS: Fix username greyed out for automatic login, and how to start an application automatically on Mac.

How to launch an application automatically

Note: Furthermore, Ensure that the hidden items are displayed or the ProgramDate folder will not be visible as shown below.

launch application

Copy any program shortcut you desire to the path

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Or substitute the ProgrameData as %appdata%


An example here is Notepad ++ as shown below, this shortcut should be copied to this path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

However, restart the device. The application should automatically launch in full-screen mode.

Note: Registry settings, group policy, and scheduled tasks can achieve this. If you wish to have any of these methods documents, kindly let me know via the comment session.

I hope you found this blog post on How to launch an application automatically helpful. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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