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How to find disabled Active Directory User accounts

find disabled Active Directory User accounts

When the need arises to query (search) for disabled users in Active Directory in very large environments where there are a lot of organization units etc., there are few ways to go about it. This process is relatively very easy to find using the Active Directory Administrative Center.

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To demonstrate this, I will proceed to disable some users in my test lab as shown below.

Active Directory

This will let you know that the object has been disabled as shown below

disabled user accounts

Now we have some users deleted as shown below.

user account search

Note: To mitigate against this process in the future, it is best practice to have a container created and dedicated for housing disabled users only. below are some procedures to achieve this

PowerShell: This will run the below cmdlets return disabled accounts.
– This will display the list of disabled users with other user account parameters (attributes) as shown in the image below.

Search-ADAccount -AccountDisabled
Active Directory

To return only the username of disabled users, run the following cmdlets as shown below.

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} | FT samAccountName
user account search

Common Queries: I will be demonstrating this using the common queries

Open “Active Directory User and Computer” console as shown below
– Click on Tools and
– Select Active Directory User and Computer

find disabled Active Directory User accounts

Click on “Find object in Active Directory Domain Services”

Under the Find drop down menu, select “Common Queries”
– Select Disabled account
– And click on find now as shown below

This will display a list of disabled account in your Active Directory enviornment as shown below.

Via Saved Queries: The below steps are used in displaying disabled users in Active directory environment.

Launch the Active Directory User and Computer Console
– Right-click on “Saved Queries”
– Click on New
– Click on Query

This will open the “New Query” properties window.
– Enter the Query name
– Click on Define Query

Select Disabled Account and
– Click on Ok

This will display a list of disabled account as shown below as a saved query.

Ensure you have a procedure in place to delete disabled accounts after a certain period of time in order not to have a messy Active directory environment.

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