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How to setup Microsoft Authenticator

Download and install an authenticator app from your mobile device’s app store. Some options include Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.

Set up a new account using the QR code, verify the configuration by entering the code that the authenticator app provides. Press the Verify button before the code expires

Note: You need to have any of these authenticators already installed to perform this operation. Here are the steps for setting up Microsoft Authenticator. If you already have this setup, kindly skip this part.

- Launch the Microsoft Authentication App
- Tap the three dot menu button and 
- Select Add Account
- Click on Other accounts (google, Facebook, etc.,), 
- Since we do not have the QR code to scan we will have to type this in manually.
- Click on Enter the Code Manually.
- Set the Account name: Here I used PleasantReset
- Enter the “The Secret Key”: This is the value for this user as shown in the image above ExxxxMKxxxxxxxxxx2xxxxxM
- Click on Finish. If successful, this message will be displayed.
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