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Active Directory

Did you know that all domain computers have a computer account and a password like a regular user account password? This password is randomly generated and used to create a secure connection. This password is changed every 30 days. Please see the following guide Azure Active Directory integration with on-Premise AD using PTA for more information and also this guide for reasons to deploy AAD. Please visit the following article to learn more about the various methods available for integrating Azure Active Directory with on-Premise Active Directory, how to install Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016, or on a Hyper-V Server. See the following link for the post-installation of Windows Server 2019.

Note: Computer Accounts added automatically when joining the domain, but this has a drawback as the device might be placed in a different OU not desired. This brings us to the point of Pre-staging.

Prestaging: Prestaging is a process of creating a computer account in Active Directory prior to joining the computer to Active directory. 

Note: This allows a PC to be placed in the right OUT and this allows GPO to be applied correctly. When using windows deployment services (WDS), this can be achieved as well.

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