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Error: An Active Directory could not be contacted or cannot find domain because it is nonexistent

Active Directory error

This error below will prevent you also from being able to join the device to the domain. Like I always say, the solution I employed to solve this problem can be different from yours. The error message can be the same, but the solution can be different as there could be many underlying reasons for this error.

Note: The reason for this error was an incorrect DNS IP entered(Fix Active Directory Contact Error).

cannot find domain
nonexistent domain

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Solution: Ensure your server is pointing to the DNS server Address or else this will not work correctly as shown below

Active Directory contact error

When the TCP/IP properties field are filled correctly as shown above. Since Active Directory relies on DNS (Domain Naming Service), this error will be eradictaed.

Active Directory error

Now you can have your device joined to your domain correctly.

cannot find domain

Here you will be prompted with a welcome message that the device has been successfully joined to the domain.

Other tips
– Ensure the IP parameters are entered correctly and the Preferred DNS server is pointing to the DNS server IP Address itself.
– When joining the domain , you can use the NetBIOS name of the domain or the DNS name of the domain.

Furthermore, I hope you found this blog post on how to Fix Active Directory Contact Error helpful. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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