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Concept of DriveLock with a focus on Encryption


DriveLock help protects your business and with this protection in place, your business is destined to flourish because, the success of your business depends on how reliably you protect people, businesses, and your services from cyber-attacks and the loss of valuable data. Please see the how-to install DriveLock Encryption software (Standalone Installation) and also see how to perform DriveLock quick setup. See more on Important DriveLock components to master. DriveLock is available on-premise and as a managed service on Azure Cloud. DriveLock has the following products and I will be focusing on Encryption and Bitlocker management in subsequent. For more information on DriveLock, see “how to install a standalone DriveLock Encryption software on Windows“.

DriveLock is a lightweight software solution that helps you secure your desktop computers. It has a Multilingual User Interface (MUI), allowing you to select the desired language during installation or when running the program.

DriveLock Data Encryption:

Encryption is paramount due to unintentional disclosure of sensitive business data, loss or theft of devices can cause organizations a fortune when these data are in possession of unauthorized persons.

Because of this, the EU-GDPR developed measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of data and data processing systems. The EU-GDPR firmly accentuates the protection of sensitive data with the highest priority for companies.

With DriveLock, your data is encrypted from unauthorized access and this solution includes the encryption of hard disks, files in local or central directories, and external media as well. DriveLock supplements the BitLocker functionalities with some additional functions, see the following link and link2 for more information.

Drive Lock Data Protection Portfolio: Below are the following features available for DriveLock data protection.
  1. DriveLock Smart DiskProtection: Also refers to as a full disk encryption. This encryption is transparent and fast and it occurs during pre-boot.
  2. DriveLock Smart FileProtect: Reliable file and directory encryption.
  3. DriveLock PBA: Secure Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) for DriveLock Disk Protection and Microsoft Bitlocker.
  4. DriveLock Encryption 2-Go: Also, referred to as container based encryption. It encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or removable disks and the device. Below are the two options available for data encryption on DriveLock. See the link for more information

DriveLock Smart DiskProtection: Also referred to a Full Disk encryption, it provides secure hard disk encryption with an ideal complement to DriveLock Interface and Application control. With this in place, your computer or hard drive when stolen will remain protected.

Has a pre-boot authentication prior to Windows partition being unlocked, without the need to login again when Windows launches. Below are the two settings that can be configured to support DriveLock Disk Protection (pre-boot authentication).
– Certificates
– Passphrase

DriveLock Encryption-2-Go:

Also referred to as (Container Encryption): The Encryption 2-Go module, already included in DriveLock device control, provides a fully integrated solution for encrypting external drives.

This option will be the best option, as it provides continent methods to encrypt removable media, USB, and external hard drives. This allows you to encrypt the entire partition (entire device) and similar DriveLock DiskProtection (Full Disk encryption).

This ensures that your data is protected even when it leaves the company via storage media such as USB sticks. At the same time, you have also met the legal requirements for protecting your data in terms of confidentiality and integrity.

This option has some rich features
Includes the enforcement of encryption of devices: Users are forced to have their devices encrypted Password recovery for devices, in case of a forgotten passphrase.
– Advanced Settings
– Password Complexity settings
– Encryption Algorithms

For how to download and setup DriveLock Server, please use the following link. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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