Windows Server

How to import a certificate into the Trusted Root and Personal file certificate store

On how to create a certificate signing request, see

Note: This can also be done via the command line.
For what a PEM file is, see

On windows, this can be achieved with the following steps below without using a 3rd party tool and there are different ways to accomplish this.

– Ensure the certificate that you would like to convert is first imported to the certificate store. In this way, you can export and save it in the desired format.

– On the Welcome to certificate Import Wizard, Click on Next

– Browse to the file you would like to import and
– Click on Next

Note: Remember to select the wildcard file type, or else this might not work
– Place the certificate in the Personal certificate store.

– Complete the Certificate Import Wizard as shown below

If successfully imported, you will get a certificate Import Wizard Success.

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