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How to export a certificate in PFX format in Windows

Windows servers use .pfx files that contain the public key file (SSL certificate file) and the associated private key file. You use your server to generate the associated private key file as part of the CSR. for how this is done, see how to request a certificate in Windows.

You need both the public and private keys for an SSL certificate to function. So, if you need to transfer your SSL certificates from one server to another, you need to export it as a .pfx file.

– Right click on the certificate and select Export

– Click on next on the Welcome to the Certificate Export Wizard
– Select Yes, to import the private Key

– Now the .pfx option is enabled and disables Enable certificate privacy

– Enter your desired password and select the right Encryption algorithm

– Specify the path you would like to export it to certificate to

– Under the file type name enter the name you wish to save the certificate and click on next

If the import is successful, you will be prompted with the Certificate Export Wizard Success Window.

Note: Now, you can import this to the certificate “Trusted root certification Authority” Alternative means of using the Command Line Tool. See the following link for the steps

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