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The operator or administrator has refused the request (Error 0x800710E0)

Here is a brief overview of what a Task Scheduler is. A Task Scheduler enables you to automatically perform routine tasks on a chosen server. Task Scheduler does this by monitoring whatever trigger you choose and then execute the tasks when those criteria are met. This this understanding, let’s dive into the following errors below.

The operator or administrator has refused the request (Error 0x800710E0)

Often times, this error as stated below is as a result of a permission issues.
– For how a scheduled task is created, see the following link.

FIX: To resolve this issue, ensure the permission associated with the task.
– This can happen. if you change the password of your computer account.
– The domain name disappears upon reboot etc.
– Tasks created with an administrator or system account needs to run with administrators privileges. Accounts without any elevated privileges, these tasks cannot run.
– Verify if the power options is enabled. If your computer is not running plugged into a power source, you are likely to get this error, unless of course this setting is changed. For more information, take a look at the image here under the “condition tab” for more information.

Below are some point to note when configuring the TaskScheduler security.
– When creating a task, under the Security options, make sure the right User Account is selected or is spelled correctly. Click on the Change User or Group button to assign the task to the right user or group. Creating a task with an administrator or System user account may not work on a normal users account.
– Enable the option: Run whether the user is logged on or not if you want the task to run at all times.
– When you select the Run with highest privileges option, make the user to which the task runs under has the privileges to run it.

For a similar error with the same code, see “Windows Admin Center Error: Scheduled task status prompts error 0x800710E0

– On how to create a scheduled task via Command Prompt, see
– For more information on how to run, edit, and delete a task using Task Scheduler GUI (taskschd.msc), see the following link

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