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Windows Admin Center Error: Scheduled task status prompts error 0x800710E0

Windows Admin Center Error

Windows Task Scheduler is used to created automated tasks without any human interaction. The following error below was prompted on Windows Admin Center showing the task could not run.

Note: This error code can be associated with different error types as stated here, The operator or administrator has refused the request (Error 0x800710E0). Careful attention should be paid to this specific error type.

Windows Admin Center Error

If your PC is missing backups when in ‘Sleep’ state then you may need to adjust your active ‘Power Plan’ settings to enable the Windows Task Scheduler to wake up the server and run the scheduled task. On how to create advanced scheduled task on Windows Server with Windows Task Scheduler, see the following link.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you will have to configure your active ‘Power Plan’ settings to enable the Windows Task Scheduler to wake up the server. Below are the steps to do this via the control panel
To have this done via GPO, follow the following steps below

Note: At the moment, Windows Admin Center does not have the possibility to configure "Wake the computer to run this task run", this would have been the best way to have this done.

Scheduled task status

You can also configure "important wake timers only" via control panel (Similar steps above). In this step, instead of enabling the server to be awake completely, this method could be used.

Since Windows Admin Center is still currently expanding with a lot of bugs in the system, The following solution above resolved my issue. If you found other better ways to solve this problem, please share with my followers in the comment session.

– On how to create a scheduled task via Command Prompt, see
– For more information on how to run, edit, and delete a task using Task Scheduler GUI (taskschd.msc), see the following link

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