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Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: How to install MDT PowerShell module

MDT PowerShell module is a vital tool that enables you to manage your Deployment Share using PowerShell effortlessly. The MDT Windows PowerShell cmdlets are included in a Windows PowerShell snap-in. The MDT cmdlets will then run from a Windows PowerShell console that has the MDT Windows PowerShell snap-in loaded. For more information on this use-case, please see “Automate drivers using SCConfigMgr Driver Automation Tool“. You may run into several issues if you are using the “Driver Automation Tool” without having the MDT PowerShell module installed. Below is an error message if you will receive it if you fail to install the MDT PowerShell module. This error was prompted because the MDT PowerShell module was not found in the location (path). See how to update PowerShellGet and Package Management, and how to install and update PowerShell version 7 on Windows and Linux.

<![LOG[======== MDT Issue Detected ========]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Warning: Failed to locate MDT PS module. Please specify location on the MDT Settings tab.]

Install MDT PowerShell module for MDT downloads: To install the MDT PowerShell module, please run the following command below. As you can see below, the command was run successfully and the module is now available in the specified path.

Import-Module “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\bin\MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit.psd1”

Note: Before running the command, ensure to run PowerShell with Administrative privilege and also permit the execution of PowerShell scripts on the server or workstation. For more information on how to do perform this task, see the following guides. “how to set PowerShell Execution Policy via Windows Settings, how to set Execution Policy via Windows PowerShell, and how to set the PowerShell Execution Policy via Windows Registry.

Below is a brief list and description of the MDT Windows PowerShell cmdlets. For more information relating to PowerShell that I have written, please visit the following link.

Add-MDTPersistentDriveAdds a deployment share to the list of MDT persisted drives that can be restored using the Restore-MDTPersistentDrive cmdlet.
Disable-MDTMonitorServiceDisables the MDT monitoring services.
Enable-MDTMonitorServiceEnables the MDT monitoring services.
Get-MDTDeploymentShareStatisticsDisplays the statistics of a deployment share, including the number of entities per major folder in the deployment share.
Get-MDTMonitorDataDisplays the MDT monitoring information collected for one or more monitored MTD deployments.
Get-MDTOperatingSystemCatalogReturns the operating system catalog for a specific operating system. If the operating system catalog does not exist or is out of date, then the operating system catalog is regenerated.
Get-MDTPersistentDriveDisplays the list of deployment shares that can be restored using the Restore-MDTPersistentDrive cmdlet.
Import-MDTApplicationImports an application into a deployment share.
Import-MDTDriverImports one or more device drivers into a deployment share.
Import-MDTOperatingSystemImports one or more operating systems into a deployment share.
Import-MDTPackageImports one or more operating system packages into a deployment share.
Import-MDTTaskSequenceImports a task sequence into a deployment share.
New-MDTDatabaseCreates or upgrades an MDT DB database that is associated with a deployment share.
Remove-MDTMonitorDataRemoves one or more MDT monitoring data items from the collected MDT monitoring data in a deployment share.
Remove-MDTPersistentDriveRemoves a deployment share from the list of MDT persisted Windows PowerShell drives that can be restored using the Restore-MDTPersistentDrive cmdlet.
Restore-MDTPersistentDriveCreates a Windows PowerShell drive for each deployment share in the list of MDT persisted Windows PowerShell drives.
Set-MDTMonitorDataCreates a new or updates an existing MDT monitoring data item in the collected MDT monitoring data in a deployment share.
Test-MDTDeploymentShareVerifies the integrity of a deployment share.
Test-MDTMonitorDataVerifies that the MDT monitoring services is configured correctly and running.
Update-MDTDatabaseSchemaUpdates the MDT DB database schema.
Update-MDTDeploymentShareUpdates a deployment share.
Update-MDTLinkedDSReplicates content from a deployment share to a linked deployment share.
Update-MDTMediaReplicates content from a deployment share to a deployment media folder.
MDT Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

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