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Driver management in Windows: How to download and install Fujitsu DeskUpdate and DeskUpdate Manager

Fujitsu DeskUpdate and DeskUpdate Manager

DeskUpdate Manager enables you to prepare and sort drivers suitable for your Fujitsu Client operating system (OS). You can install these drivers using your software distribution system, such as SCCM, and so on. The DeskUpdate Manager functions by connecting to the Fujitsu driver inventory and gathers the drivers and installation tools and thus be downloaded and stored in a driver repository. Afterward, you can use your software installation system to distribute and install the drivers automatically with the DeskUpdate command-line tool DUCMD. The individual client devices do not need Internet access.

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The figure below shows the basic operation of the DeskUpdate Manager. As you can see, Internet connection is very vital.
DeskUpdate Manager

DeskUpdate: Desktupdate searches the Fujitsu database (driver repository) for new drivers, bios updates, and system-specific software packages for your system. You can select the packages it finds and have DeskUpdate install them. DeskUpdate is an application for automatic software installation (drivers and utilities). This software is only for systems from Fujitsu.

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Install DeskUpdate Manager

Part A: Download and install the DeskUpdate Manager.

This Software can be downloaded from the following link. Click on Download DeskUpdate Manager as shown below.

Download Desk Update Manager

You will be redirected to the following page. Now select and download from one of the operating systems as shown below.

Select your Device

Click on download on the Direct Download as shown below.

Click on Direct Download

You’ll receive a prompt to accept the License Terms, after which you should click on “Download File,” as indicated below.

Accept the terms and Download the Desk Update Manager

Now extract the DeskUpdate software as shown below. You can also use 7-Zip etc

Extract the files

Double click on the extracted DeskUpdate Manager as shown below. Just double click on the executable file as shown below.

Double Click the Desk Update Manager.exe file

Since this is a test VM, I will create a shortcut on my desktop for easy accessibility.

Create a desktop Shortcut

Upon double clicking on the DesktopUpdateManager.exe, the DesktopUpdateManager window will open up
– Click on Next.

Click on Next

This will open up the project selection Window. Click on New

click on New

Enter a project name and description and click on OK.

Enter a project name and click on OK

Now that the system has loaded, you can choose the system and operating systems for which you want to create a driver repository. Afterward, click “Next” and proceed by following the prompts.
– Note: You always open the created project in the future.

select a system and operating systems you wish to create a driver repository for and click on Next and follow the prompts

Install DeskUpdate

Part B: Installation of the DeskUpdate: Note: DeskUpdate is available for free on our Fujitsu client computing devices. 

Requirements: Ensure you adhere to the capability requirements for the respective operating systems.
– Ensure that at least one network driver has to be installed and it is connected to the internet. Without the DeskUpdate Manager connecting to the internet, it will not be able to download the needed drives to the Drivers repository.
– High-speed internet connection (download > 1 MBit) is recommended.
– Do not run DeskUpdate with a modem or ISDN connection.

Download DeskUpdate Software

The DeskUpdate software can be downloaded from the following link(de) or link(en). Download the DeskUpdate software. You may be prompt to accept the license condition and then have the DeskUpdate downloaded as shown below.

Accept the terms amd download Desk Update software

Depending on the resolution of your desktop device, scroll to the top of the page, and click on the “Direct Download as shown below”

Click on Direct download

Click on I have read the license terms and click to download the file.

Accept terms and download file

Now the file has been download. There is no separate installation necessary. Start the “DeskUpdate.exe“ file and follow the instructions.

Start the Dek Update. exe file

Upon double clicking of the Downloaded file, the following window “Fujitsu Desktop Update” will open up.
– Click on Start Desktop Update

Start Desk Update

Accept the license terms and condition and click on ok as shown below

Accept Terms and Click on OK

Click on “Start search”. The DeskUpdate will start searching the Fujitsu database for new Drivers and BIOS updates etc.

Click on "Start search"

Note: You can also search from a repository if you have one set up already as described in Part 1 above. In this scenario, you will have to click on the Extract button and select your desired repository afterward.

Click on Extract

Note: Only Fujitsu systems are supported. If your system is not a Fujitsu device, the installation will fail and display “Your system is currently not supported. We are sorry about this 🙂

You can also download Fujitsu Deskupdate 4.15.3859 and this includes the config.ini file etc. Also, the Fujitsu Deskupdate 5.02.0026 has the DeskUpdate.exe.config. 
Screenshot 2021 02 17 at 13 28 05
Older version of Fujitsu DeskUpdate 4.15

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session. I welcome you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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