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Change expired RDP Password: How to change a password on a Remote Desktop session

Remote Desktop password change

A remote desktop is a program that enables you to connect to a different device and control it remotely as if you were directly connected in person. They are used for IT support and maintenance. They allow support staff to operate off-site, but they are also popular as a mobile office solution. In this article, you shall learn the steps to “change an expired RDP password: How to change a password on a Remote Desktop session”. Please see RDP Users are unable to change Passwords, and how to View RDP Configuration Settings: Connect automatically on an RDP session.

Microsoft Remote Desktop clients let you use and control a remote PC. With a Remote Desktop client, you can do all the things with a remote PC that you can do with a physical PC. Such as “use apps installed on the remote PC”, access files and network resources on the remote PC, and leave the apps open when you turn off the client.

Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard while connected to a remote server sends input to your local PC. Displaying LOCK, SIGN OUT, CHANGE A PASSWORD, TASK MANAGER options from there—not the RDP session. You may also want to see how to reset your built-in (Local) Administrator’s password in Windows 10.

Reset the USER Password via RDP session

Moreover, On Windows Server 2012 and 2016, 2019, and Server 2022, the only possible way to reset a password or send a (CNTL + ALT+ DEL) to the RDP session you are in is to press CTRL + ALT + END as shown below.


Here you can select CHANGE A PASSWORD and change the active user’s password as you normally would. Additionally, I don’t recall it and often need to search for it, though it’s not a significant issue.

Reset RDP password
Note: This step assumes you have access to the RDP session!!!

Fix RDP User Password Expired From a different Windows PC

Nonetheless, If the RDP Password has expired already and you no longer have access to the RDP session. You can get a different PC or your own local PC and try to log in with this RDP credential as shown below. This time, hit the following buttons below and click on OK.

CTRL + ALT + Delete
Updating expired RDP credentials

Similarly, You will be required to enter your new passwords as shown below

Remote Desktop session security

As you can see, the password was successfully changed. This depends on you meeting the password complexity defined by your organization.

Remote Desktop password change

Furthermore, Here are some related guides that might be interesting to you. How to reset your lost or forgotten Windows 10 Password, and Terminal Server (Now RDS): How to set up and configure Remote Desktop Services.

Reset Your User Password via Active Directory

Alternatively,  you can change a password by resetting your password in AD. This does not require you to remember the current password. But you will have to overwrite the existing password and set a new password.

Here are some related guides on how to reset your built-in (Local) Administrator’s password in Windows 10, and how to reset MSSQL Server SA Password on Ubuntu via the command line and SQL Server Management Studio.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers from your Server Manager (under Tools) or Windows Administration Tools. Alternatively from the “Windows Search” or “Run” command and type dsa.msc.

Either of the methods you chose. This will open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in as shown below.

Locate the user and right-click on the user. Then select “Reset Password” as shown below.


The rest password wizard will open. Enter a new password and click on OK as shown below.


Note: If you are working on Windows and wish to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop App. Here are some more guides you might be interested in: How to reset Mysql Root password. And how to Perform Self-Service Password Reset Enrolment – Pleasant Password Manager.


FAQs on RPD Passwords

How Do I Change My Expired RDP Password?

To change an expired RDP password, you need to log in to the remote server using your current (expired) password. Once logged in, press Ctrl + Alt + End to bring up the Windows Security screen, where you can choose “Change a password” to set a new password.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Change My Expired RDP Password Remotely?

If you are unable to change your expired RDP password remotely. You should contact your system administrator or IT support for assistance. They will have to reset your password in Active Directory

Why Does My RDP Password Expire, and How Can I Extend the Expiry Period?

RDP passwords often expire as part of security policies to ensure that passwords are regularly updated for security reasons.

To extend the password expiry period, you typically need to adjust the password policy settings in the Group Policy Editor on the server or domain controller. Consult with your IT administrator for guidance on making these policy changes.

I hope you found this blog post helpful on the steps to “Change expired RDP password: How to change a password on a Remote Desktop session”. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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The use of words in this article is not rigorous enough. Instead of
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