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How to Activate and Press Ctrl+Alt+Del in Anydesk for Remote Access Connection to Windows system


Every support engineer knows the benefit of Anydesk application which is used for remote support connection. But it can really be difficult if you cannot connect to a remote system when the user of the system is not available to assist you with anything like bringing up the login screen to enter the username and password. One of the issues that could occur is if you are trying to Ctrl + Alt + Del in on the system and you are finding it really hard for the system to respond simply because you have not activated that function on the Anydesk application. So make sure you follow the below steps to activate this key functions on Anydesk for Remote Access Connection for both your system and the client.

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Activating Ctrl + Alt + Del for Anydesk

The image below shows Ctrl + Alt + Del not activated and making it really hard to do anything on the system.

Ctrl + Alt + Del
Windows Login Screen
  • Launch Anydesk and click on the four short lines at the right top corner and select settings.
Anydesk settings
Anydesk Settings
  • Click on Security and under Permission Profile > Control my device’s keyboard and mouse.  Check the option Ctrl + Alt + Del.
Click on security and Enable Ctrl + Alt + Del
Security Settings

Now confirm if the Ctrl + Alt + Del is now active on the remote desktop control screen and click on it.

Ctrl + Alt + Del is now active on Anydesk
Ctrl + Alt + Del Activated

After clicking the Ctrl + Alt + Del the login screen pops up. Then you can login to the system and you can continue to remote to the system.

Login Space opens for Anydesk for Remote Access Connection
Login Space opens

I hope you found this blog post on activating Ctrl+Alt+Del in Anydesk for Remote Access Connection very helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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1 year ago

There is no Permission Profile in my version 6.1.1 on Linux Mint so unable to enable ctrl+al+del.

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