How to fix “There was a problem starting logilda.dll” in Windows


The LogiLDA.dll is a vital part of the Logitech Download Assistant Utility. This program is rendered inoperable if something happens to the logilda.dll file that is located in the system32 folder. It will install all compatible device drivers on your Windows device. In this guide, I will be discussing how to resolve the aforementioned issue “There was a problem starting c:\windows\system32\logilda.dll. The specified module could not be found.” The file named LogiLDA.dll (Dynamic Link Library) is a software component of the Logitech download assistant. It contains all the basic and necessary information about the Logitech Download Assistant including its code, data, and resources.

It runs during the start-up to check for all the updates that are available for it. For more related Windows Operating System errors you can read this: How to Fix “Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the Requested Service” error, How to fix the issue “The Security Database on the Server does not have a Computer Account for this Workstation Trust Relationship” on Windows Server [Part 2].

Let’s start by defining what a Module is: A module is an executable file or DLL. Each process consists of one or more modules. You can retrieve the list of module handles for a process by calling the EnumProcessModules function. This function fills an array of HMODULE values with the module handles for the specified process

Reason for the issue

When you see this message, it is probably that you have some Logitech devices such as a webcam or headphones not connected to your device as it is in my case. If you use a Logitech device such as a mouse, keyboard, or headset, you probably ended up installing an application extension called the Logitech Download Assistant on your computer. It’s what keeps the drivers and other Logitech support software automatically up-to-date in Windows. But if the Logitech Download Assistant has trouble loading or the associated device isn't connected, then you will be prompted with the error “There was a problem starting logilda.dll” at computer startup. To resolve this issue, kindly follow the steps below

If you are also experiencing issues and prompted the following window below “There was a problem starting:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll, the specified module cannot be found” on your Windows device. This guide will help you in understanding and resolve the issue.

This Logilda.dll module belongs to the Logitech Download Assistant. Usually, you see the following message: There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll – The specified module could not be found.


The error “There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll” shows up soon after booting to the desktop or during a device is either switched on, waked from sleep, or restarted. As you must have read on the internet, there are numerous reasons why this issue can be prompted.

For me, this error was prompted because I have the Logitech device disconnected from my device, The gagdget maybe missing important updates and due to the disconnection of the webcam. 

Solution – Connect Logitech Device

As per my issue, upon connecting the Logitech device back to my device, the error was never prompted again. Since most Logitech peripherals support Plug and Play (PnP) functionality, simply start by removing the device’s cable or wireless receiver from your computer. Then, restart Windows 10 and reconnect the device

If the Webcam is connected again, Logitech Download Assistant will automatically update the Logitech software installed in my system.

Other Workaround

After the first method, the next best approach to the problem is this method. This method focuses on stopping the service which is affecting the startup using the Task Manager. There is no harm in the method because it just stops the program without causing any crashes or code changes to the system.

This might not be the solution for you. I do not need this piece of software as I do not physically connect to te console of my device but remotely. Therefore, I am fine disabling it. If this does not suit you, please go through the rest steps discussed in this link.

To disable the LogiDA after startup. If you are working remotely and do not have the access to have the Logitech device plugged in, I will recommend to temporarily disable the LogiDA. There are many ways to open the Task Manager. The easiest way is to use Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys. Open the full version of the Task Manager by clicking More details.

Switch to the Startup tab. Right-click on LogiLDA and click Disable to stop it from loading with Windows or alternatively, right-click on the Taskbar, and select the Task Manager. Navigate to startup.

Right-click LogiDA, and Disable it.

As you can see below, LogiLDA has been disabled for good!


I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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