How to solve Errno 256


Have you been trying to work with Apache and your computer won’t let you download anything related to Apache because there are no more mirrors to try? Then you are in the right place. This article explains how to solve Errno 256. Other guides can be found from these links: Setting-up-SElinux-on-a-Linux-server, Group Policy Settings for BitLocker: Resolving Startup Conflict, and Group Managed Service Accounts: How to create a KDS root key using PowerShell.

Steps to Solve Errno 256 Error Code

In this guide, I am going to be showing you the easiest way to solve Errno 256 with just one simple command, but you might have to write some other two from our previous guide before this will work.


The above image simply implies that :

Errors were encountered while downloading packages.

Let’s run through two commands in the previous guide how-to-solve-cannot-find-a-valid-base-url-for-repo-base-7-x86_64/ before proceeding with this

Here are the two commands in the guide above.


To effectively solve Errno 256, ensure you are in the root shell when executing the commands mentioned above. Once in the root shell, proceed with the next step, which involves performing a “yum update.”

Please see how-to-use-container-insights-to-get-the-full-benefits-of-azure-monitor-for-azure-Kubernetes-workload.

This update will help resolve any underlying issues causing the Errno 256 error, ensuring smooth system performance and uninterrupted operations.

#yum update

After the command above, the next and most important command for this step

#yum clean all

yum clean all command removes the cache of repositories which are enabled in /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo. Read what the manpages have to say about it below

# man yum
Clear out cached package data
yum clean packages
Delete packages saved in cache
yum clean all
Clean out all packages and meta data from cache

To successfully solve Errno 256, first, execute the “yum clean all” command to prepare the system. Once completed, proceed with the “yum install httpd” command again. This time, you’ll notice that the download process will be error-free, as evidenced by the screenshot below.


Below are some FAQs on Errno 256 Error

What is YUM Error 256?

YUM Error 256 is an error message encountered when using the YUM package manager on Linux-based systems. This error shows that there was an issue during the installation or upgrade of a package using YUM.

What if I still can’t resolve YUM Error 256?

As there isn’t always a universal solution to solving IT problems, YUM 256 Error can be attributed to many different reasons. Let us know in the comment section or a reputable Linux support community to address the issue.


If you experience Errno 256 the one simple command that you can use to fix this on centos7 is #yum clean all but before that make sure you run #ONBOOT=no, #dhclient and #yum update.

After these, if you run #yum install httpd you will not experience or see Errno 256 anymore. By now, you should have clear knowledge of how to solve Errno 256. Below are some interesting articles that you may want to read.

I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to solve Errno 256. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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