Bing AI-Powered Copilot: How to install Microsoft Edge on macOS


Microsoft Edge is a modern web browser designed to replace Internet Explorer, which has been the default browser on Windows machines since 1995. Released with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is made to compete with other highly popular alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This guide will discuss the “Bing AI-Powered Copilot: How to install Microsoft Edge on macOS”. Here are some related guides: How to enable Adblocker on Microsoft Edge, how to disable Cloud-Based Spell Checker in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, how to Install Group Policy Templates for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers on Windows, and how to remove third-party cookies from Microsoft Edge

Today, I got an email to test the New Bing: AI-Powered copilot for the web. Therefore, I decided to download and install Microsoft Edge. Recently, Microsoft has made headlines with the launch of its new Bing search engine powered by the new OpenAI ChatGPT artificial intelligence system. I will be discussing in this guide how to use this conversational AI tool.

The first announcement of Microsoft Edge running on macOS was its move to a Chromium-powered code engine. In 2019, Microsoft released an early version of the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac called Canary.

Download Microsoft Edge on macOS

Already on my macOS, I have firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Since I actively blog on related topics. But Edge was missing. I got a new welcome email to try the early preview of the New Bing: AI-Powered copilot for the web. Microsoft Edge is also available on Linux, and of course on Windows. To download Microsoft êdge, please proceed with the download from this link.

With the new Bing, answers are just the beginning. Ask real questions. Make refinements in chat. Get comprehensive answers. Turn ideas into drafts. Find it built into Microsoft Edge, the best browser for the new Bing

To unlock the conversational search on Microsoft Edge, you MUST install Edge. Here are some related guides on Edge: How to Disable Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge using Registry or Group Policy in Windows, how to Add or Remove Sites from the Favorites List in Microsoft Edge, Focus on tasks: How to get your task done on Windows by minimizing distractions, and How to add or remove folders in Favorites in Microsoft Outlook.


Upon clicking on Download for macOS. You will be prompted to select the version that is best for your Mac.

Microsoft has optimized its Edge browser for both older Macs with Intel chips and the new Apple M1 powered Mac computers, providing you with options to download the correct version for your Mac computer.

Me, I utilize Intel processors. Therefore it was easy to determine.


If you are having issues determining the version best for your device, please follow the steps below to determine the processor or chip available to your device.

Find your Mac's chip type
Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.
Select About This Mac. A dialog should appear.
Make sure the Overview tab is selected.
Look for Processor or Chip and check whether it says “Intel” or “Apple

After determining the Processor or Chip available to your device, click on the version that is best for you as shown in the image above. Next, you will be prompted to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Ensure you select the check mark and click on "Accept and download".

Shortly, the download will be started and the following screen will be prompted. Click on close.


Install Microsoft Edge on macOS

Once the download is complete the application installation package, something named similar to MicrosoftEdge-xxxx.pkg with the xxxx representing the version number of the browser.


Double-click on the downloaded package. From the Edge installer window, click on the ‘Continue’ button present in the bottom-right corner.


On the Standard Install on “Macintosh HD” window, I am fine with the default installation location. Click on Install.


Enter your password if prompted then wait while the installation begins


The installation will run etc. Click Close after completing the installation as shown below.

Once the installation is complete, please delete the downloaded Microsoft Edge Installer package!

Setting up your Web Browser on MacOS

Upon closing the Install Micrsoft Install Windows, the Micrsoft Edge Browser window will pop up as shown below. If you wish to be notified, you can optionally enable notifications as you wish!


Click on complete setup


Click on “No thanks” or on “Confirm”


Choose a design layout for the New Tab page. Choose InspirationalInformation, or Focused, depending on your taste, then select Confirm.

At work, I use the Focused layout! So I am fine with this on my home PC :-)

Sign in to your Microsoft account to sync data. Select Sign In to Sync Data to sync your passwords, favourites, and other data from your Microsoft account. If you don’t want to sync data, select Continue without Signing in.

I will proceed without syncing at this time. Therefore, I will click on "Continue without Signing In"

You have successfully followed the steps to install Microsoft Edge on macOS. You can now use and explore Microsoft Edge for macOS.

Bing AI-powered Co-pilot for the web

Chat mode is only available when you have access to the new Bing.


Click on “No thanks” to prevent sign-in to every application.


Sign into Edge. You will be required to Enter your password as well.


Kindly Enter the code from your authentication app if you have 2FA enabled.


Upon login, click on Chat now as shown below


You will be redirected to a new browser window. I wish to learn about my blog. So I will be asking the following question “Tell me more about TechDrectArchive”.


Here is the bing Chat result


I hope you found this blog post helpful. In this article, you have learned about “Bing AI-Powered Copilot: How to install Microsoft Edge on macOS”. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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