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LAPS password not showing up in GUI

LAPS PAssword Not Showing Up

Windows LAPS is the successor to Microsofts Microsoft LAPS. LAPS stands for Local Administrator Password Solution and that is exactly what it does. Windows LAPS is a new Windows feature that enables you to manage a local administrator account password from the local Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. In this article, I will show you how to fix the LAPS password not showing up in GUI. Here are some related articles: How to configure Windows LAPS, how to Configure Windows LAPS Management with Microsoft Intune, How to remove Windows Deployment Services role via the GUI and PowerShell, and how to enable and disable automatic login on Ubuntu Linux via the GUI and CLI.

LAPS can be used to backup and manage the local administrator account passwords and below are some of the scenarios:

  • Back up local admin passwords for devices joined to a local Active Directory, to local Active Directory.
  • Back up local admin passwords for devices joined to Azure Active Directory, to Azure Active Directory.
  • Backup DSRM passwords for Windows Server Domain Controllers to local Active Directory

The root cause of the issue “LAPS password not showing up in GUI”

As you can see in the image below, the LAPS fields are not populated. This is because the device in question was not having the Windows Update that Microsoft specified to support LAPS. Please see How to Install Windows Admin Center on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Solution – Requirements for Windows LAPS

As mentioned above, in my case. I was not having the right updates. To use the latest version of Windows LAPS that is built directly into your operating system, you must be running any of the following operating systems. For Client Operating Systems

Windows 11 22H2 – April 11 2023 Update
Windows 11 21H2 – April 11 2023 Update
Windows 10 – April 11 2023 Update

For Windows Server Operating System, the following updates must be installed on the device.

Windows Server 2022 – April 11 2023 Update
Windows Server 2019 – April 11 2023 Update

As you can see, I have resolved the issues here “Fix 0x800f0831 Error when installing Windows update“. Now, if Windows LAPS has been configured correctly with the right permission etc, the LAPS fields will be populated.

Note: There are no additional licensing requirements needed to use Windows LAPS. Please see how to disable Spanning-Tree Globally, how to fix Error: Response code 50, LDAP insufficient access, and how to export passwords from KeePass Database to Pleasant Password Server

Upon installing the updates, the LAPs Tab was populated with the LAP details as shown below in the computer properties tab.


Other Possible Reason

Ensure you are not using LAPs to manage a built-in Admin account. DO NOT enable this policy setting to manage the built-in administrator account. The built-in administrator account is auto-detected by a well-known SID and does not depend on the account name.


Domain admin Gopup

The password won’t show up if you don’t have permission to see it. Please see if you have permission. The Administrator Must be a member of the Domain admin Gopup


I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to fix LAPS password not showing up in GUI. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

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3 months ago

Hello. Thanks for the great article on this topic. I am using Win server 2019 as DC, Win server 2019 and Win 10 as client with updates for May 2023. I have the Name of administrator account to manage policy set to Disabled. I am using a domain administrator account and the LAPS password is still not showing up. Any idea where else the problem might be? Thank you a lot

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