How to Backup and Restore your WordPress Files and Database


Backing up your WordPress website is a very serious matter. In this guide, I will be showing you how To Backup and Restore Your WordPress Files and Database. One of the reasons is that the rate at which WordPress websites are attacked or hacked is very high. Another reason is that when you change your website by updating any plugin you can crash your website and lose your website files. But if you have a full backup of your WordPress website there is nothing to fear as you can quickly restore the full backup. Please see Fix WordPress Error “The Link You Followed Has Expired”, and Azure App Service: Deploy WordPress & Connect MySQL.

But why is a full WordPress backup needed?

A WordPress comprises files and a database which are both important. Some say having just the files or database backed up is enough, but this claim is wrong. Both of them are equally important for a site to function, having just a part is not enough. Partial backups are useless and cannot fully restore your site.

I will recommend that you always take a full backup of your WordPress website. A database always contains the theme settings, plugin settings, posts, pages, and many more.

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Steps to Backup Your WordPress Files and Database

1: Using Backup Plugin to Backup WordPress Database: In this guide, I will be using UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup & Migration Plugin. Search for it and install it.


2. After installing and activating the Plugin open the UpdraftPlus plugin and click Backup Now. You can decide to back up to a remote storage which is recommended by clicking on the Settings tab.


3. Check both include your database in the backup and include your files in the backup to take a full backup. Click Backup Now and the backup will start immediately.


4. This backup may take a few minutes or longer and you’ll be able to see the progress.

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Download the Backup Data to your local computer

5. After the backup is completed successfully you will see the below image. You can click to download the Backup Data to your local computer. If you do not need the backup again you can decide to delete it.


6. Click restore to restore your backup and you can select the components you want to restore.


7. After downloading the files to your local system, you can upload the WordPress Files and Database to your Updraft folder. This is another way to restore your Files and Database.

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Below is a YouTube video of how to back up and restore WordPress Files and databases.

I hope you found this blog post on How To Backup and Restore your WordPress Files and Database Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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