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If you are a video producer, instructor, and tutor you have the absolute right to protect your tutorial videos against plagiarism. Video plagiarism is a severe issue that can damage your reputation and affect your regular income as a video producer. In this article, I will be showing you How to use WonderFox Video Watermark to protect your Video copyright. Please see How to Exit Linux Vim or Vi Editor, Art Text 4 where text becomes an art, and How to Check the Size of Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) in Windows.

Plagiarism happens when someone copies and reuses your original video content without prior permission from you or gives you recognition for your content.

The sad part of video plagiarism is that there could be adverse effects for both the video creator and the plagiarist. If you want to prevent video plagiarism from happening then you must protect your video content with a watermark or a signature.

WonderFox Video Watermark is a full-featured video watermarking program that you can easily install and use. The video watermark software allows you to embed text, images, logos, and signatures into your video.

System Requirements for Installing WonderFox Video

Supported OS: Win NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Win 11. Processor: > 1 GHz Intel or AMD CPU, Free Hard Disk Space: 50 MB or more. Lastly, RAM: 512 MB or above

Video Watermark has simple operation, a friendly interface, and a high-speed process, which makes the watermarking process very easy and fast. With a few clicks and within minutes you can be up and running in creating an excellent solution to protect your video. You may want to read about Video Conversion Desktop Software for Windows

Download and Install WonderFox Video Watermark Software

1: Download the Video Watermark from the product link page. After installing, Launch the application. You can buy the WonderFox Video Watermark license today for just $34.95.


How to use WonderFox Video Software

2. Check all the various features on the WonderFox Video Watermark. Please how to enable or disable Microsoft Edge from showing Web Content via Local Group Policy Editor.


Add Video to Watermark

3. Load your Video by clicking Add Video. Click Add Text to add both text and words to your video. You can also decide to Add an Image or Add a Shape.


4. Enter the Watermark word and click “Add” button to add a layer by your right.


5. Click the Font button to see the Font settings where you can edit font and some text effects.

You can also make use of these copyright symbols ©, ® and ™ by inserting it into your text.


6. You can setup the timeline when the watermark text will display. For example the image below shows when Key is added.

The Key was inserted at 00:00:01 and Opacity of 100 and another Key was inserted at 00:00:11 with an Opacity of 100 but to end the display you will need to insert another Key timeline with an Opacity of 0.


Start the video watermarking process

7. After editing the text you can click the OK button at the screen below. This will save the project and take you back to the main window. Then click the Run button to start the video watermarking process.


8. Adding specially effect to your video. After Loading your videos you can start adding special effect to it by clicking magic wand icon.

In this section you will be able to use different features to add an effect to the source file and you can preview the effect.


Convert your video to a different video file format

9. If you want to convert your video to a different video file format you can do that without adding a watermark just load the video.

Under the Output format drop-down, you can select the video format you want and click the “Run” button directly.


I hope you found this blog post on how to use WonderFox Video Watermark Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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