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Changing password feature for Outlook Web Access

The first scenario is rather easy and already existed in Exchange OWA since version 5.5, so even in Exchange 2013 this feature is activated by default. It gives the mailbox user the possibility to change a AD password from within OWA – similar to when the end user forces to change a domain password from his or her own PC.

Log on to your OWA environment using your company’s OWA URL. In my example, it is, but it can be about anything in your environment.
Now go to your mailbox settings and click on the gear wheel icon in the upper-right corner of your OWA 2013, next to your mailbox name.
login Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Click on Settings, and a small context menu will open up from which you can select Change Password. This will bring you to the Change Password settings page.

Enter your current Active Directory password, followed by your new password twice. Although the password change should be successful and you expect a confirmation of this.

If something goes wrong during the password change process, you’ll receive a notification popup. A common problem is not having a new password according to the company’s security password policy settings.

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