Microsoft Exchange/Office365

How to block Change Password Feature for All Users via the Exchange Administrative Center


Now, imagine you don’t want to give this feature to your end-users, or maybe not to all of them. In this case, you have to modify certain settings on the Exchange server-side. To do this, you will have to logon to your company’s Exchange Administrative Center with an Exchange Admin account, using this default URL.

From within the EAC, select Servers / Virtual Directories.
– From within the list of Exchange Virtual Directories, select OWA (default website).
– Open its Properties, which by default looks like the image shown below

From this list, notice the Change Password flag.
– Remove the flag if you want to turn this feature off for all users. (Note: if you only want to take this feature away from certain users, continue reading!)
– Save the changes and done. When logging into OWA with a mailbox user, notice the Change Password option is not listed in the settings menu anymore.

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