Block Change Password Feature for All Users

Now, imagine you don’t want to give this feature to your endusers, or maybe not to all of them. In this case, you have to modify certain settings on the Exchange server-side.

Logon to your company’s Exchange Administrative Center with an Exchange Admin account, using this default URL.

From within the EAC, select Servers / Virtual Directories.

From within the list of Exchange Virtual Directories, select OWA (default website).
Open its Properties, which by default looks like the image shown below
From this list, notice the Change Password flag. Remove the flag if you want to turn this feature off for all users. (Note: if you only want to take this feature away from certain users, continue reading!)
Save the changes and done. When logging into OWA with a mailbox user, notice the Change Password option is not listed in the settings menu anymore.


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